More Red


I am motoring around the Round Rock Outlet Mall today.  As usual, I hit up the Starbucks, this time for an iced green tea and some internets.  There is more red in the beautiful blooming rose bushes outside then you would imagine possible.  On the inside, they are playing music I’ve never heard before and one groovy lyric stuck with me.

“You can dance in a hurricane, but only if you’re standing in the eye.”

The YouTube video of the song “Eye” by Brandi Carlile is linked below if you want to give it a listen.



Burger Bar


There is a new hotel that has sprung up on Congress Avenue, between Second and Third Streets.  It is the JW Marriott, and they have a cool concept called the Burger Bar.  Yep, you just walk right up and get yourself some grub.  I think this is their nod to the food trailers that used to be in the area before they decided to plop down a fancy new hotel.  I must say the lobby bar on the first floor, and the Starbucks on the second floor were quite nice.  I ordered the Bacon Burger tonight and it was awesome.  Here is how they make the Burger Bar sound just as yummy as it really is on their website.

“Burger Bar serves up mouth-watering, Texas-sized burgers in a refreshing al fresco setting on Congress so you can people-watch while chowing down. Using premium locally bred beef and regional ingredients, these burgers in downtown Austin are not just delicious, but memorable. Be sure to try our signature Big Mouth Burger, topped with blistered peppers, jalapeno jam, bacon and zesty cheddar. Order a side of cheese fries and wash it all down with a peanut butter pretzel milkshake.”



Telecommunications II


So, there is a new Starbucks in town and it happens to sit beneath a tower. I am drinking a hot tea ( Zen ) and doing a little bit of research for a hiking trip. The weather is expected to cool off in Central Texas this weekend, so that makes for a good excuse to get outside. I am looking forward to it, and we will see if things go as planned.


Killing Time


After work, you will probably find me at a coffee shop, eating somewhere or working out. Today, I am at the Starbucks in the Round Rock Outlet Mall. I am testing the ability of the WordPress App to post a photo and a blurb.

I live and work just North of Austin, Texas. You will probably notice that I tend to hang out in Round Rock and Georgetown. I plan to make some lists of places to go, and this spot will make the “Coffee” list. Have a great day!