Fan Fest III


How to have a fun night in Austin with a bit of an international theme:

  • Park at the State Capitol at around sunset and take a leisurely stroll through the grounds.
  • Walk to Sixth Street in the gorgeous weather we are now experiencing.
  • Check out the art and activities of the Fan Fest for the Circuit of the Americas.
  • Walk to the far end of Sixth Street and get an Orange Cream Italian Water-Ice at Jim Jim’s.
  • Walk all over the downtown area to work up an appetite and admire some of the awesome cars in town.
  • Have crepes for dinner on the outdoor patio at Cafe Crepe.
  • Return to the Fan Fest to catch the Flying Balalaika Brothers play another fantastic show.
  • Call it a night with tiny experiences of Texas, Italy, France, Russia, and the Ukraine to spur your dreams.












Cuvée Coffee


Cuvée Coffee is a different sort of coffee shop located on East Sixth Street in Austin.  There is no WiFi, to my surprise.  The place is super clean and inviting.  They have a menu which includes breakfast tacos, but don’t get here too late, or they will stop serving them (at noon).  They have nitrogenated cold brew coffee, which I believe is their claim to fame.  They have indifferent baristas who will ignore or barely recognize your presence.  Why do people become baristas when they know they will grow to hate their job, and then treat customers like poop?  If you are not a natural people person, you should probably not seek out a job working behind a counter and serving people.  They have a limited menu of espresso drinks, unlike most coffee shops that will make you almost any drink you desire.  I settled for a yummy turkey and pesto sandwich from the refrigerator, a smallish green iced tea with mint, and a Topo Chico mineral water.  If there is some drink from the menu that you are craving, then check it out.  If you are expecting a full service coffee bar, then try some other place in the area.




ROT Rally


It is that time of year again.  Motorcycles are everywhere in Austin for the Republic of Texas Biker Rally.  My favorite event is the motorcycle parade that travels from the Rally site in North Austin to Congress Avenue Downtown.  It is pretty special to cheer for the bikers as they arrive on Congress.  This year I chose a spot in front of the Capitol Building to view the festivities.









SXSW – Macnas


Just when you thought SXSW had served up all of its insanity, along comes a performance company from Ireland.  Macnas describes themselves as a team that is “bringing stunning large-scale images and brilliant chaos to the streets of the world.”  They paraded down Sixth Street for SXSW and pretty much set the place on fire.  These photos will give you an idea of their brand of chaos, but please go and see them in person if you ever have the opportunity.



Zilker Brewing Company


Zilker Brewing Company has a Tap Room on East Sixth Street in downtown Austin.  I stopped in for a taste before boarding my train to get home since they are located within a short walk of the Plaza Saltillo train station.  My selection was the Honey Saison – a Belgian style ale.  I will have to stop by again when I have more time to relax and try some more of their beers.



Voodoo Doughnut IV


Just another night (I really should break this habit) at Voodoo Doughnut on Sixth Street.  It’s just me, the American Flag, my Memphis Mafia doughnut, and the guy in the Ironman suit enjoying his doughnut.  If you are curious, my doughnut consists of “Fried dough with banana chunks and cinnamon covered in a glaze with chocolate frosting, peanut butter, peanuts and chocolate chips on top!”  It is not to be trifled with.