Zilker Brewing Company


Zilker Brewing Company has a Tap Room on East Sixth Street in downtown Austin.  I stopped in for a taste before boarding my train to get home since they are located within a short walk of the Plaza Saltillo train station.  My selection was the Honey Saison – a Belgian style ale.  I will have to stop by again when I have more time to relax and try some more of their beers.



100 Pizzitas


Here is an interesting concept for a restaurant.  Pizzas treated as tapas.  100 Pizzitas also has several full blown pizzas to choose from if you prefer not to sample some of the 100 different 6.5″ sized ones.  My favorite tonight was number 59 – Provolone cheese, bacon, York ham, mushroom & cream.  There is also a view of the Texas State Capitol building from the patio to enjoy.



International Music Festival 


I saw four great bands today at the International Music Festival put on by the Texas Music Museum.

  • Indrajit Banerjee and Sri Gourisankar – Indian Music
  • Kunitan – Andean Music
  • Batuque Raiz – Brazilian Music
  • Flying Balalaika Brothers – Russian Music

I was surprised to discover that the two gentlemen playing the sitar and tabla were my favorite music of the afternoon.  You can find them on the Internet and YouTube if you are interested in hearing their music.