Thinkery – Minor Mishap Marching Band


I went back to the Thinkery to watch the Minor Mishap Marching Band perform.  They are so much fun.  According to their website, “Minor Mishap Marching Band is known for their shenanigans, their black and yellow costumes, and their fun-loving exuberance.”  Totally true, and they play great music together too.





Austin had a Community Night at the Thinkery.  There were chicken puppets, rainbows, water walls, color panels, giant Lite-Brite, random art, and so many more activities.  If you have kids, and you live near Austin, and you haven’t brought them here yet, then you should probably punch yourself in the face as punishment (not really, this blog does not normally promote violence).  Just get them here as soon as possible.  🙂



Mad Tiger Festival – Mueller Lake Park


Since the City of Austin cancelled the New Year Celebration in January due to inclement weather, they made it up to us today by having the Mad Tiger Festival.  Pretty much an awesome welcome to Spring with fun bands at the Mueller Lake Park.  As a secret to you Internet Friends in Austin, check the website for two more events still to come at the Thinkery.