Lost Creek – Trail Map


This is actually a trick – there is no trail map for this hike.  However, I found a pretty good set of directions at this link.

  • You Google the Lost Creek Country Club and map out the directions
  • Find a spot to park on Bend of the River Drive just before it crosses Barton Creek
  • Look for the start of the trail just under the bridge
  • Hike a short distance to the big flat rock in the middle of the Creek
  • Quickly look for a convenient spot to ford Barton Creek
  • Pick up the dirt trail on the other side
  • Follow this sandy, tree covered trail for about a mile until you run into the waterfalls on Lost Creek








Round Rock West Greenbelt Trail


I got out of work a little bit later than I had hoped.  I looked for a nearby walking opportunity before the sun was scheduled to set, and decided to try the Round Rock West Greenbelt Trail – power lines, greenbelt, and 0.88 miles of asphalt walking path.  I found birds, lightning bugs, a rabbit, the Lake Creek, and a nice sized deer that followed by me on the path for a short while.  Overall, a cool, short walk at sunset.


Hill of Life – Hike to Sculpture Falls


Due to the cold, wet weather and the late start for my hike, I kept it fairly short (a little over 3 miles round trip). Once you reach the 6.25 mile marker, you will begin to hear the splashing water of Sculpture Falls. Follow your ears, and you will be rewarded with one of Austin’s best free swimming holes. If we have had a recent rain, the water will be clear, cool, and inviting. This is a great picnic spot on a nice warm day (unlike the day we experienced today). 🙂



Hill of Life – Trail Map


After work today, I drove over to the Barton Creek Greenbelt to hike the Hill of Life. Conditions were less than grand, with the temperature at 37 degrees and an overcast sky with intermittent sprinkles. The good news was that there were only a few people on the trail. The Hill of Life is a great workout – I climbed 551 feet on the trail according to the GPS on my phone. Despite the cold weather, I had to shed my jacket before I got back to the top of the Hill. It was awesome!